Your road to adventure....


Afri Roots – more than just an adventure company; we are attuned to the environmental conservation, wildlife, social context and cultural heritage of our destinations.  Well known for excellent cuisine with fresh local ingredients prepared by chefs who love cooking in the bush environment, safaris with a unique character and hospitality, and adventures with guides who love the outdoors.  Be it luxury or budget, we organise your safari in the best way possible to suit your needs making your experience personal and unforgettable.

A team with a shared philosophy in life, striving for success and professional excellence, living in harmony with nature and our people.  Roots are essential in nature for survival of trees and plants, which inspires the name of our company.  Afri Roots is 100% African owned and run; a team made of people from different backgrounds and tribes working together to bring you an unforgettable adventure.