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Dar es Salaam is not only about traffic jams. Beyond the city center, peninsula and highways there is another face of Dar es Salaam – back roads with vibrant community and street life keeping the city in motion. This tour takes you to the “real” Dar es Salaam accessible by bike or on foot.

Gain first hand experience of the social issues facing Dar es Salaam – living conditions of families, rapid urbanization, infrastructure issues and the urban environment. You will visit markets and meet the people who work and innovate in the informal economy, and hear about the struggles they face.

The tour touches on the history of the city – learn about wazaramo, the first neighborhoods of Dar, Dar in the colonial era, the role of the city in liberation struggles of sub Saharan Africa – visit Frelimo and ANC buildings, learn about Malcom X and Che Guvara in Tanzania, what they did here how they helped in the struggle for independence.

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